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Vintage Bedside Susan by American Seating

Vintage Bedside Susan by American Seating


Mel and I came across this at a local antique store. This is a rolling lazy susan bedside table. The first thing I thought of was that this would be a great rolling bar cart!


I imagine this is from the 50’s or 60’s. It’s in really great condition.


This seems to be a really well made cabinet. This cabinet is made of metal with a wood grain finish on it.


This cart has a cool rotating door that reveals storage for barware. We think this will work great for our Gay Fad rich man poor man glasses.


Another unique feature of this cart is that the top pivots to the left or right to reveal additional storage.


We had a a bar in our front room but it was a little too large. This really fits the room better. This will allow us to keep liquored up at all times!


It appears this was in a hospital. From what I can read, it states it was the property of Wood and Memorial Hospital. The only place I can find with a name like that is back in Tennessee.

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  1. Very cool! Maybe that label is for a Woodland Memorial Hospital and the “l” rubbed off?


  2. What an amazing and unique piece of furniture, enjoy!!!!

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  3. Fabulous find! I adore your blog and your retail store. You are living the life I want to have. LOL.

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