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Vornado Floor Fan Model M-B38P1-1

Vornado Floor Fan Model M-B38P1-1
This is probably one of the coolest advertisements of all time! Could it be anymore atomic than this?!

I used this ad in an earlier post but I can’t help myself!  This is probably one of the coolest advertisements of all time!  Could it be anymore atomic than this?!

With summer quickly approaching we were on the hunt for a cool, nu pun intended, fan.  We have always loved the style of the vintage Vornado line of fans.  For you readers that have followed us for a long time you might remember the Vornado box fan I restored before.  I sold that fan and have regretted it ever since, so I am glad to have picked this up.


The thing that draws me to these fans in the way the body of the fan looks like a nacelle of an aircraft engine.

7661009298_3a775be0ebVornado kept in step with the demand for spaceage design.  Here is an example of how the body of the fan looks like the engine nacelle of an aircraft.


We found this fan at an antique shop in Chico last weekend.  These can run a pretty penny, but this one was priced well so we jumped on it.


This fan works perfectly.  It has three speeds and really moves the air.  I love this profile.


I don’t know the last time this fan was serviced, so I need to pick up some S.A.E. 20 oil.


As you can see, this is not in restored condition and I don’t plan on restoring it.  Cosmetically, there isn’t a lot wrong with it.  I actually love the patina.  Also, the one I restored before was a nightmare because of the supports that connect the fan motor to the outside fan body.  I’ve already cleaned it and waxed it to bring out some of the original shine.  I had to really scrub to remove the years of built up grease and oil.


These fans are built like tanks and are bulletproof!  We really dig this fan and hope to be able to use it for a long time.  We’ll have this cranked during the home tour because I am sure June will be a scorcher.

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  1. Wow that floor Vornado is a great find! I have several table top Vornado’s & you are correct, they are work horses! Can’t wait to see the restoration of your floor model! Enjoy!

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  2. As a horse girl who loves retro, you’re right, you can’t get any better than that advertisement. It’s kind of rockabilly.

    I also regretted selling a fan. NIB from the forties. In fact, one time I also regretted selling a horse but I got lucky that time and got the horse back six years later. The fan; not so lucky. Buyer said it was even better in “real life.”

    I’m glad you’re just cleaning it up and not restoring it. Unless something’s a real mess, I like that original finish with the patina and even the scratches. That fan is gorgeous. I would have never figured out it looks like the front of a plane but it does!


  3. Nice fan – I think it’s a great idea not to over-restpore/repaint everything. A few scratches and an old patina add to the charm, as long as it’s cleaned.

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  4. Great Fan and even better advertisement……

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  5. Julio Russinyol

    Great fan and even better advertisement….

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  6. I had a desktop Vornado when I was a kid in a two tone green, same style! I didn’t know what I had!

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  7. I have a 1960s era Vornado fan, I still use it. The frame of it is square, with rounded corners, it’s black and white. It’s about 18″ by 18″ in size. Sits on the floor or on any flat surface. It has a rectangular stand on the bottom the same size as the fan itself, where the fan can rotate for positioning. I’ve never seen ANY Vornado pictured that fits my fan. It still works – and that is amazing. On LOW it gives off good air.



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