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1958 RCA Victor Mark IX “Stereo Twins” SHP-9

1958 RCA Victor Mark IX “Stereo Twins” SHP-9


I have always been a fan of RCA.  I like the styling of their units and they always seem to be reliable.  I was cruising Craigslist as usual, when I saw this unit in Merced and decided to zip down and pick it up.  Overall, it’s in great shape, but the needle needs to be replaced. The cabinets of both units are also in good condition.


Obviously, this unit is called “Stereo Twins” because it has the main unit and a matching satellite speaker.  This sort of set up fills a room with sound, it’s fantastic!


Someone at some point mounted a Heathkit tuner (AJ-14) into the record storage area.  I am not sure if I am sold on it yet.  I might remove it so it looks more original.  When I checked with our good friend Justin at Stellar Electronics, he said that he has only seen these units with a phonograph.  He said the Heathkits were usually sold as kits which were assembled after you bought them. So, this is a DIY job.


This still has the original 45 adapter.



Justin was also able to help me find a replacement needle (EVM-80x), thanks Justin!


The speaker fabric is in fantastic original condition.  This set was cared for and loved by someone to be in this great of shape.


This looks great in our office and will really be a nice addition to all the other vintage audio equipment in our collection.  I have alway been drawn to vintage electronics, and I love the quality of the sound they produce.





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  1. Julio Russinyol

    Another amazing find,I wish I was that lucky down here in South Florida. Enjoy your cool Twins!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Was it hard to change the needle? We just bought one, and ordered a new needle for it, but can’t seem to find anything online that says how to change it. Maybe it will say when we get the needle, but thought I would ask you, too. Thanks!!


  3. May I ask what you paid and sold for? Where did everyone find the replacement needle? Not having luck.


  4. Where did everyone find a replacement needle? I’m not having any luck. May I ask what you paid/sold for?


  5. Can anyone give me a value on this? I have 1 that is like new condition inside and out.


  6. Hello, we recently acquired one of these units as well but are having some difficulty replacing the needle. Would you be willing to share with me where you found your replacement and how you went about it?



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