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Mid Century Tiered Fountain

Mel and I are trying to get our backyard in shape for the summer. One thing we have been looking for is a vintage outdoor water feature. As usual, I was cruising Craigslist when I stumbled across this!

I reached out to the folks who had it, and fortunately I was one of the first to inquire about it. They said the response was overwhelming!

This is in vintage condition and will require sandblasting and powder coating to bring it back to life. I will also have to replumb the whole fountain. Unfortunately, there’s no pump or tubing so I’m going to have to MacGyver it! If any of you out there have done it before please let me know. I would love some suggestions.

This fountain will be a nice addition to the Fibrella patio furniture and the Brunswick bowling benches that we’ve added to the backyard.

It seems to me that these fountains were more prevalent in Eichler and Streng homes. They were a great addition to the atrium in those style homes.

I searched online for any information about the manufacturer of these fountains, but was unsuccessful. The bowls of this fountain are metal, but I have seen fountains where the bowls were made of fiberglass. I don’t imagine there are too many of the fiberglass ones left.

I can’t wait until this thing is up and running. I love the sound of trickling water that fountains emit, it’s so relaxing!


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  1. I ran across a fiberglass one in Long Beach a couple years ago and kicked myself for not buying it. I did some research then and found the company still making them but don’t remember the name of it.


  2. Christina Feeney

    OMG those doors!!! I love the fountain too but can’t stop listing over the doors


  3. I live through your mid-century adventures! Awesome stuff! 😍
    Thanks for sharing them! 😊

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  4. Great find! I actually have one in fiberglass that is 3 tiered and is the same color! It came with the original pump and plumbing which still worked but have since converted to a solar pump. It’s awesome that yours is metal so that you can powder coat it as mine is fading and probably will have to be sprayed at some point.

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  5. That’s Da Bomb! I’d love to see it working!

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  6. I saw one of these outside of the restaurant “the whole enchilada” at moss landing near monterey, california

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  7. Nice find! I have one but my bowls are black but the blue bowls really stand out. I also found a fiber glass four tier turquoise bowls with gold weave fountain a few months ago and I’ve never seen one like that before.

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