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Supergraphic Project

Supergraphic Project

This was our inspiration for the Supergraphic. It’s a pillowcase. We just reversed the colors.

Supergraphics are such a great way to bring your walls and room into the 1970’s. This has been a project that I have been itching to do for soo long! I thought I would share with ya’ll how I did it. In my opinion, the size of your supergraphic should be as large as you can fit. The circle I drew is about 8ft tall. I have seen people draw a circle on the wall using a screw in a piece of string. However, I wanted to make sure it was exact and there’s a chance that you could wobble and not get a consistent angle to your pen when using a piece of string.

I came up with this idea of taking two cheap Lowe’s wooden yard sticks, $.98 each, and drilling them together with two short screws. Then, I drilled a hole on one end and another hole on the other end. One of the holes was to attach a screw to the middle of where the circle was going to be. The other hole was to place my pen in. The hole for the pen needs to be snug so the pen holds tightly. Then, all I did was push the yard sticks around making sure that they were leaving a mark on the wall until I had a complete circle. This way I knew the circle was even.

You might have to make a couple of passes to get a dark line.

Then, I had to tackle the inner circles. All I did there was drill another hole 12 inches up to mount the pen in and then I made that circle. I did that again and again until I made a total of four circles. When I was done drawing the circles, I just took some wall spackle and spackled the hole where the screw was and sanded it down.

Next, I took painters tape that I purchased off of Amazon that was about a quarter of an inch wide. This made it really easy to outline each circle. If you use traditional painters tape that’s around an inch wide or wider, it won’t make the turns you need.

To make the lines that came out of the circles, the most important thing was having a good long level. You just put your level in place and draft out each line. After the lines are drawn you then take that painters tape again and tape off each area.

I got my inspiration from a pillowcase that we ordered for our bed, but I just reversed the colors. This is a really cool project and it took me about a day and a half to get it done. I still have to run the bands around a quarter of the room. I can do that next weekend. On the other wall in our bedroom, I plan to do a different colored Supergraphic in blue, green and purple. I will blog about that later once I get it done. I hope I gave you all the inspiration to try it on your own and some techniques that will help. Here are photos showing its progression…









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  1. Love it! I know just the sheets this came from. So great to get a project email from you. I’ve really missed them.

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  2. Hello and Happy New Year Shane & Mel That wall Art is Amazing.  I hope you areall doing well and are Safe.  Stay Well, & Keep  Making AMERICA Vintage.  Bill Clausen B&T Upholstery And Repairs 6806 Fruitridge Road Sacramento,  California 95820

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  3. Congratulations! It looks AWSOME!!!!

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  4. That is a big slice of ‘70s heaven!! Just stunning!!

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  5. I found you because I was doing research on a Huntington Grill, model 14 I own. It is in storage (So. California) and I don’t think I’m going to get to get to it on my project list. Are you or anyone you know interested in it? I can send pics by email.



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