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Before & After

1951 Lighted Planter and Shelf Unit

Barzilay Furniture Mfg. Co. Record Player Stand

1970 Electrohome Apollo 862 Record Player With Custom Fiberglass Base

Lighted Fiberglass End Table

Vintage Planter Cabinet

1951 Male Reglor Bullfighter Lamp

Sculptured Maple by the Franklin Shockey Company

1952 Stewart Warner TV

1950’s Big Boy Barbecue

Large 1951 Tropical Reglor Lamps

1950’s Atomic Concrete Flamingos

Vintage Wire Frame Desk & 3 Legged Chair

Reglor Tropical Lamps

Bo-Low Leopard Lamp

1960’s COSCO Hourglass Counter Stools

Vintage Dental Cabinet

Witco End Table

Dee Mfg. Corp. Bar Stools Revamp

Jungle Cat Carlo of Hollywood Pair

Witco Bar

Stellar Electronics Sign

Bar Refresh

Mid Century Chair

60′ Mod Lamp

1952 Blatz Beer Cast Aluminum Advertisement

Oak Leaf Lamp

West Bend Canisters

Vintage Hutch

Royal Chef BBQ

Modern Craft Furniture Mfg. Co. Chairs

Metal Sexton Wall Cats

Shirrell Graves Macaw

Lighted Carlo of Hollywood Frames

National Vending Machine

Vintage Ice Box

Hoop Chairs

Brown Saltman Desk & Chair

Bunnell Prints

1951 Reglor Fish Lamp

Westinghouse Little Jewel Radios

Retro Framed Chalkware

Atomic Bar

1950’s Phone Table

Daystrom Table and Chairs

Heywood Wakefied Dogbone Bed

1963 Tropical Sun Company Tiki Bar

Heywood Wakefield M905G Coffee Table

Carlo of Hollywood Watercolor Bullfighter

Carlo of Hollywood Watercolor Tropical Pair

Carlo of Hollywood Watercolor Tree

1951 Continental Art Company Statue

Capri Lamp

Plasto Manufacturing Company Lamp

Weinberg Horse Lamp 2

Weinberg Horse Lamp 1

Rio Heywood Wakefield Vanity and Stool

Rio Heywood Wakefield Low Dresser

Rio Heywood Wakefield High Dresser

Rio Heywood Wakefield Nightstands

Large Retro Plaster Mermaids

1958 Philco Predicta Pedestal Television

Seeburg Teardrop Speakers

Vintage Magazine Rack

Telefunken Jubilate

Telefunken Hymnus Hi-Fi 5014 WK

Carlo of Hollywood Watercolor Ballerina Pair

Reglor Bull Fighters


Art Deco


Hawaiian Male & Female


Continental Art Company Trillium


Continental Art Company Fairy


Corner Moss Spinner Lamp

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  1. Hi, I have two velvet paintings by Carlo. Chinese woman and a man. I would love to sell to someone who would restore them and appreciated them. If interested please email me and I will send pictures of them to you. Tammy


  2. This is some amazing revamps. Good job!


  3. Hi. We are the two guys that met you today. Just want to say thanks for the conversation and to say, “What a F’in (remember me now?) great web site! You do incredible restoration work. See you back in the store again!


  4. I have a Contenental Scale Corp. Health-O-Meter model 161 (marked 161 J 85 on the back) in black and white, I wanted to find out if you might be interested in it?


  5. Hello guys I am really interested in finding and buying a Huntington model 7 or one similar to restore. Also would love to get my hands on a vintage Eden eclipse grill if anyone has one to sell. Please keep me in mind for both these items


  6. Hi…I just picked up at an estate sale three running horses painted on velvet by Carlo of Hollywood. It is a very large picture…perhaps 5 feet long by 2 1/2 feet wide. I’m not finding much about his velvet paintings online. It is in excellent condition and in the original frame that the owner bought the painting in. I think the only reason it is in such excellent shape was it was found behind a large dresser and she’d totally forgotten all about it.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.


  7. I have several Fiberglass lamp shades that have creases. Can I get the dent and creases out by ironing them? Help!!!!!


  8. I have two original SEAY cocatoo paintings in wide white frames under glass that I am interested in selling. If not interested could you give me approx. value. I can’t find info on the internet. Thank you.


  9. I have a Reglor lamp and I would like to see if you would be interested in purchasing it? I found it this weekend and did a little research on it and see that you have some.


  10. nice stuff.hey I have a 1950s tv fully in tack if interested.


  11. I purchased a black and white Lucite table lamp by Moss Lamp Co. and am looking to find lamps and finials for it. Got any ideas where I can look for them?



  12. Kirstin Gralnick

    I have a Reglor of California female matador statue that sadly broke in several places during shipment. Can I send her to you for repair?


    • Sorry I don’t do repairs on lamps anymore unless it’s for my personal collection.


      • Kirstin Gralnick

        Do you have any recommendations on where I could take this statue?


      • Unfortunately no. The way I look at it if you can’t find anybody try it yourself. If you’re going to end up throwing the lamp away anyways because you can’t find anybody to restore it what’s the hurt and trying to do it yourself? It really isn’t as hard as it may seem Unless the lamp is really busted up. What do you have to lose? That’s exactly how I figured out how to repair them.


  13. how do you get in contact with you.I have something of interest you may be interested in.anywhere I look on here there’s no way of getting ahold of you.that’s really bad and seeing on here.outside of that it’s a great website



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