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Vintage Couch & Chair Discovered


Once we got home it was late and I took a quick pic of them.

I was cruising Craigslist (as usual) when what did I spy? A dusty rose-colored frieze covered couch/futon and chair! It was way the hell down in Fresno California (3 hours one way!). We went down there with hopes of being able to add these to our collection.


Look at the design on this frieze fabric! ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!


I just love everything about this set. The front of the armrests are soo cool!

After we got these suckers home I was back on Craigslist and saw a posting in Modesto that said they were looking for a chair to match the one they have.


This is the chair a couple in Modesto already have.

Tell me what are the chances that we find a couch set like we did and then someone posts an ad on Craigslist asking if anyone has a chair like theirs. It is soo strange and cool how things turn out sometimes. This set was destined to go to this couple. Mel and I are so happy that these found a happy home.

Count Carlo


I was recently contacted by one of our readers named Robert. I was so excited about the information the email revealed about Carlo. I have asked him to please send me copies of the correspondence between both of them and any pictures he has of Carlo.


Hi there,  

It’s with great interest that I read your newsletters and admire all your wonderful Carlo’s.  I started collecting Carlo in the mid 80’s and at the time had one great source from a woman living in Southern Cal. I live in Boston. Carlo’s can appear unexpectedly anywhere but there seems to more on the west coast. Somehow Carlo heard from another collector that I was collecting his work and he WROTE to me! You can just imagine when I opened the mailbox and saw his name on the return address. So over a short period of time he wrote me four times. At the time he was living in Manila, the Philippines and working as an artist along with some other creative adventures such as film making. He sent me an article written about him from July 8, 1987 titled  “Predictions by Count Carlo”   The guy was a character.  He claims that at the age of 28 he had a vision of his obituary published in a newspaper. I assume he passed away sometime in the 90’s but I can’t verify that.  The great thing about this article is that there are three photographs of him…an amiable looking balding man with a full grey beard.  One photograph has him sitting in front of one of his recent paintings – a 15 foot tall abstract painting.

He went by the name Count Carlo and I have three of his calling cards that he sent me. He didn’t consider any works signed “Carlo” to be his serious work except those painted for JC Penny. I think it’s difficult to figure what exactly was done by him since after moving to Italy and “proceeding to mass produce ‘original’ Carlos with the aid of over a dozens artists and semi-artists….hence their must be hundreds and thousands of paintings with my original signature.”  Another quote “My serious work I sign Count Alberto Carlo or just Albert Carlo but never Carlo, except of course what I painted for JC Penny”  

At the time I sent him photos of all the Carlo’s I had and he returned them with a sentence or two description written on the back of each. Back then he was looking for paintings that he did on velvet and was willing to pay for them. I had none and rarely see any. There was a pair recently on eBay of harlequins that sold for something ridiculous like 9.99.  I don’t know about you but most of the stuff listed on eBay these days by Carlo I personally do not care for. And the prices are terribly inflated. 

He sent me a painting unexpectedly titled “Hong Kong Beauty” which he requested $300 for but I sent it back. I didn’t like it at all!  I wanted to say to him…no offense but I prefer your stuff that was mass produced. I guess he might have been offended because I never heard from him again.

I’ll go through my letters again and see what other info I can send you. Although my collecting has gone in a different direction I still have a few on the walls. I absolutely love Carlos in the forced perspective frames and there’s nothing like them….whoever painted them!

Hope this bit of info helps a bit…..



If Robert can manage to find the original correspondence and photos I will post them on the site. I am soo excited at the possibility of adding a face to the name. This is like solving a mystery 60 something years in the making. It is soo important that we share this info so it isn’t lost to time. I will make sure to keep all you Carlo art lovers updated as soon as I hear anything.

Carlo of Hollywood Commisioned Work!?


I love this Carlo because it is soo detailed.

The great thing about our blog is that many of our readers share their stories with us. One of our readers Mollie informed us she has a Carlo of Hollywood painting that was COMMISSIONED by her father for her mother, that’s right, COMMISSIONED! I was never aware that Carlo offered commissioned works. I am sure many of you are aware that Carlo is an enigma and very little is known about the artist. This additional info helps us understand the artist a little more.


As you can see the original frame is gone but who cares, I love this piece.

Here is what Mollie told me about this Carlo:

When my father had commissioned Carlo to paint this, the woman’s breasts were exposed. When my mother saw it she flatly refused to have this in her home unless some drapery was added!  Hence you see the ladies bosom has a bit of fabric discreetly covering her! This is special to me as I grew up seeing this picture in my home.  It’s a memory of my parents so I will never sell it! Regarding my dad and how he came to know Carlo. My dad owned an industrial uniform and linen company in LA and had customers in many areas of LA including restaurants, movie industry hotels, etc. Also, he and my mom loved art and design and frequented fashionable modern furniture and decor businesses. That is how I believe he met and had this picture painted. 

Thanks for your response,



The mark of quality

I want to thank Mollie for sharing with us her valuable info that would otherwise fade into the past. I wish we knew more about Carlo. As time goes by, and those who have carnal knowledge of Carlo’s history fade away, it becomes more difficult. I hope more folks out there will share what they know with the rest of us.



Update 1: Rocco’s Cancer

After almost a full phase of chemo Rocco is now in remission! He handled all the treatments like a champ. He only got sick once. He has one more treatment and then he is done with this phase. We then have to have him monitored by the vet to keep an eye on his cancer and to detect its return. He is starting to get back to his old self and we will enjoy him as long as possible. I would like to thank all those who kept him in your prayers and thoughts.


Update 2: Old MacDonald’s Farm Sign

We recently attended the Rancho Cordova Parks and Recreation Council meeting where we were able to put forth our proposal for the sign. I had a chance to meet Jo Ann who is with the Rancho Cordova Historical Society. Jo Ann and the organization she represents are passionate about preserving the areas past. Jo Ann and I had the opportunity to speak to the council and explain why it is so important to save this sign. We had the support of the historical society, my family and our friend Vic. The response from the council was mainly positive, but one of the members seemed to not be on board with the idea. We are now waiting to hear from the council to see what their decision is.

Rocco Needs Your Help


Hello all,

Our little man named Rocco has cancer. You might remember about four months ago our dog Bruno had cancer and we had to put him down.


This was our little man Bruno

Rocco was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer and is going through chemo to put it into remission but unfortunately it is terminal. I just ask for all your prayers because Mel and I don’t have any kids so these little guys are our kids. It was really hard losing Bruno and we are not looking forward to having to go through it again with Rocco. I know all you pet lovers know what it is like losing a pet.


Here is Rocco at the UC Davis vet getting the bad news. He is such a great little guy. He actually seemed interested in what she was saying.

Come Check Us Out!

Hey all, this is more for those who live in or near the Sacramento area. Mel and I finally moved into a larger booth at 57th Street Antiques Mall. We are soo excited and hope to do well there. If you have a chance swing into 57th street and check our space out and all the other great dealers.

!Alert! Possible Holiday House !Alert!

***Update-The owner got so many calls that he decided to keep it and restore it :).

Ok all, I was cuising Craigslist as usual and saw this camper. I already have a camper so I can’t save this great camper from the scrap heap. I wont lie, it looks like a lot of work but these are rare! I hope someone can save it! Arrrrrggghhhh!





This Just In!…

Hello all, a friend of mine named Justin has a grand server for sale and I already have one so I wanted to let my readers know this is available. Mel and I have a grand server that is black and white. Here are some pictures of Justin’s server.

The pictures are not the clearest but it is cool!

Imagine the parties!

This would even look great in a danish or MCM styled home.

 If this is something you can not live without for one more second then give Justin an email at

Happy Birthday Shane!


Hey All,

This is Mel. I just wanted to take a moment to wish Shane a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I love you Shane.


Our New Spot

Mel and I finally decided to take the plunge and get a spot at 57th Street Antique Mall in Sacramento. We are now renting a display case to help move some of our smalls from our bedroom so we can convert our room to atomic 50’s decor. Here is a quick look at our new spot.

The case we are renting is pretty good size, 4ft by 6ft.

Here are a few of our owls.

We have so much more colored glass to get rid of still.

If you have some free time swing into 57th Street Antique Mall and check out not only our spot but all the other great items from the other dealers.

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