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Glamourpuss Pin-up Studio meets Hepcat Restorations


The Glamourpuss team is made up of Eva the owner/photographer, Julieta the make up artist and Felicia the hair stylist. Eva does such a fantastic job with the poses and lighting effects. Julieta does such an amazing job enhancing beauty with her makeup techniques. Felicia is able to do such fantastic hair styles. Together, they are able to create such a cool and finished image that is breathtaking. Each one of these ladies are so talented, supportive and kind.


Mel and I had the fantastic fortune of meeting Eva, owner of Glamourpuss Pin-up Studios. We were introduced through a mutual friend named Donny, owner of Donnyo Antiques. Glamourpuss came out and used our house for a photo shoot a couple weeks ago. What Mel and I love most about them is their mission: increasing women’s self-esteem/self-acceptance/body confidence one pin-up photo shoot at a time.


As a favor for them using our home as a backdrop for their shoot, Eva took some great images of our home.


 Eva is hard at work editing the photos of the ladies who were shot. Once she is done, we will post them so you can see how great these ladies turned out.


Eva used a lot of color filters to achieve the lighting you see in the tiki room.

Below are some living room shots.



The Seeburg and Moss lamp never looked so good.


Above, you can see some of our Gay Fad barware.




Love those Heifetz Rotaflex lights.




This is in the entry way to our home.


Here is our guest bedroom with the curtains our friend Tracy, owner of m.a.r.k. vintage made. We bought some vintage barkcloth that Tracy offered to sew for us. She saved our bacon!



Below is a shot of our office.


It was refreshing to have so many people from the vintage community partner on this project.  Thanks to all who had a hand in making this happen!

Panther Pillows Are Done!


Love the imagery of this fabric.

You might remember a few weeks ago me blogging about the super cool barkcloth we purchased from Antique Trove in Roseville, California. As I mentioned in the earlier post, I needed to get pillows made out of them. That is where Debbie over at “The Creative Needle” came in. I used her services before when I needed seat cushions made for some Burke chairs I restored. She does really great work and is fast and reasonable. If you live in the Sacramento valley she is the one to see. Here is how they turned out:


Debbie did a great job on these. She even centered the panther on all the pillows and added zippers, supper cool!

She also made a few pillows out of some fabric I had left over from a lamp shade that was made for one of our Moss lamps.


These just make this chair look that much more cooler.


A closer look.

When Mel and I purchased the panther fabric we also picked up some cool tropical barkcloth pillows that were without zippers so I dropped those off to Debbie so she could add zippers. Zippers are great because it allows you to wash the covers when they become soiled. It also allows you to replace the pillow inside when it is broken down. Here are a few of the pillows that were freshened up.


These will look great in our Tiki room!

Thank god for people like Debbie who do such a fantastic job. I highly recommend you contact her if you have any sewing needs.

A dream Come True

I sketched this out and thought it would be an ultra atomic design for a frame. Today with the help of my step-father Dave we finished building it.

When we purchased the panther print off of Craigslist I needed an ultra cool frame to put it in. I figured I would just wait till a Carlo frame was available to put it in but then I got to thinking why don’t I just design one. From a previous post I had glued the boards together and sketched out the design. Today we cut the frame out and router-ed the edges on both sides of the frame to make them round.

Yep, that's my step-dad Dave giving me a hard time.... right back at ya buddy! The frame is all cut out now and needs to be sanded.

As you can see all the corners are rounded and it is really starting to look like something.

This shows you what I am going for.

The next step is to apply paint. I wanted to use black and a retro green color that works well with the print.

I used a small roller to get a more uniform finish. I plan to break up the colors.

Now it just needs to dry.

Ta da! Here it is. I still need to get a piece of glass. I also need to add a pair of ceramic stars I got from my friend Frank. They are off of a Moss lamp.

This frame is ridiculous. It is soo atomic. I have my eye on another print to go in the matching frame I still have to make. I am really pleased with the way this turned out.


Totally Atomic Clock Resto

Here is the clock in its unrestored condition. The bottom lip of the frame of the clock is busted out and the joints of the clock are loose.

Mel and I picked this clock up in the bay area a while back. It needed a new frame constructed for the clock section because the wood was busted out. While I was in Nebraska for the last 20 days my step-father Dave (a master cabinet-maker) made a new frame out of cherry to match the rest of the clock.

Here she is restored! I think it looks great with a little sanding and some stain. The clock looks brand new!

The original planter box had old broken down foam and nasty looking plants. I replaced the artificial greenery and put small river pebbles in the planter box.

I had to replace the clock motor with one of the battery-powered ones from Michael's. I tried to make the old one work but upon further investigation it was really warm to the touch and I did not want to burn down the house.

I love the lines of this clock and think it will go great with our Moss lamps.

There is a makers tag but unfortunately some of the tag is missing so I am not sure who made this clock.

Knowledge Is Power

Schiffer Collector Books

Here it is on Amazon

These books are great. We have the Moss lamp & ceramic fish Schiffer Collector’s Books. They have taken the pain staking effort to create a reference for many kinds of collectors. They have books on soo many different things from ceramics, pottery, gas pumps to coffins and Postmortem Collectibles. I am amazed at how many areas they have covered. Some of these collector books even have price guides in the back.  Here are a few I would like to get my hands on.

Here it is on Amazon

Here it is on Amazon

Here it is on Amazon

Here it is on Amazon

 Here it is on Amazon

Here it is on Amazon

Here it is on Amazon

Here it is on Amazon

Here it is on Amazon

Carlo of Hollywood: X-Large Ballerinas

Mel and I purchased this Carlo of Hollywood watercolor from eBay for under a $100. This thing is large measuring almost 6ft wide. When we received it the glass was missing. We went to our local framing store and purchased replacement glass for around $90 (not bad). The frame was really stained with smokers nicotine residue. I busted out the “Awesome” and gave the frame a scrubbing.

Artcraft Stamp

We must have every ballerina he has done.

This thing looks great with the new glass!

It looks great with the Radio Moss Lamp…….Oh yes that is the Idaho Motel sign but I am not done messin’ with it yet. I will blog about it once I finish it.

We have matching smaller Carlo’s that I may move near this one later. We will enjoy this for many years.

Hedi Schoop

Born Apr. 3, 1906 Died Apr. 15, 1995

I promised my good friend Vic at Sponge Curlers & Cupcakes that I would blog about Hedi. Vic recently acquired a Moss lamp with a Hedi Schoop figurine similar to the one pictured below of the woman with a poodle.

Born Hedwig Schoop to a prominent family in Zurich, Switzerland, her father was editor of the Neue Zurcher Zeitung and president of Dolder Hotels. She studied sculpture, architecture, painting, and fashion design at several European art institutions including Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna and Reimann Institute in Berlin. With her sister, Trudi Schoop, she is also remembered for her work in European dance and cabaret. Fleeing the rising Nazi power, she and her husband, renowned composer and torch song writer, Friedrich Hollander, left Germany for Hollywood in 1933. In her new environment, she became an innovator of mid-century California pottery design, and became perhaps the most commercially successful California ceramics designer of the postwar period, and certainly the most ubiquitous. If a Schoop figure proved popular with consumers, an entire line of accompanying décor objects, such as planters, bowls, ashtrays, and candy dishes, and lamps would be built around it. At its busiest in the late 1940s, the studio produced over 30,000 giftware items per year, and employed over fifty workers. The factory was destroyed by fire in 1958, and shortly after that Schoop retired from ceramic design, focusing instead on painting.
In 1943 Hedi Schoop married Ernst Verebes, talented in his own right as a famous actor in European film, and with whom she had a son, Anthony Verebes. The son survives, and is a prominent Los Angeles photographer.

Frederick Hollander and Hedi Schoop


Here are some examples of her work. She designed many types of figures, TV lamps and pottery. I was introduced to her by my friend Frank when we purchased our first Moss lamp. Hedi had made a figurine that was a part of the lamp.

These are soo cool!

Really cool city scape TV lamp.

Here is a great sculpture on a Moss lamp.

Mel and I saw this at the Antique Trove in Roseville. We hesitated and lost the chance to buy it.


2nd Sunday Finds

What shall we find…..

Mel and I hit second Sunday this weekend and picked up a few cool items.

I know what you are thinking….you need another sign like you need another hole in your head. What can I say,  I like to invest in precious metal.

Oh wait, here is one more vintage soda clock we nabbed!

I have been looking for one of these for a while. I finally had a chance to pick up one for a good price. I need to refinish it but it is in great shape.

Ok, now this was the find of the day. I don’t think the seller knew who made these but I remembered seeing them in my Moss book. These are Moss “Leaf” lamps. We have the finials, we  just need the shades and one of them needs a rewire. (I will show how to do a rewire soon).

Here is a picture of the Moss “Leaf” lamp in the Moss book.

Here is our specific lamp.

Overall I think we had a pretty successful day of picking. We plan to visit Meteor Lights to design some shades for the two Moss lamps. I will keep you all in the loop on the restorations of the pieces that need it.

Here is the book that any Moss lamp enthusiast must own.

This is a really great reference book for Moss lamps.

Gettin’ The Little Things Done

Today being that I wasn’t able to get a start on things till later, I decided to tie up some loose ends on some small projects.

The first thing I needed to finish up was to apply blackboard paint to the Pepsi sign so it takes chalk better. This is a pretty straightforward process. Tape off the area to be painted (if needed) and use a small roller (if a small job) to apply paint to surface. Once paint is applied then set in the sun to dry. Remove the tape and wait a day or so before applying chalk. If this is applied to a surface other than metal like wood for instance, you might have to apply numerous coats and light sand in between coats to try to achieve a smooth surface. I used a blackboard product made by Valspar that is carried at Lowes. Here is a picture of before and after, what a difference!

Here is how messed up the blackboard surface was before I painted it, you could hardly get the chalk to leave a mark.

In a day or so I will write out some cool phrase to add to its retro feel.

The next project I wanted to get knocked out was to hang the new pin-up girls that I framed, the Tiki masks and rearrange a couple of Carlo’s to make room for it all in the Tiki lounge. Here is what I was able to arrange. I like it I hope you do too.

Here are the masks and the pin-up girls looking good together.

I ended up clustering the tropical Carlo’s all together.

The next thing I had to do was hang the restored 7up sign in the diner. I have about 3 or 4 more soda signs/clocks to hang before I get rid of some of the clutter in the diner but I am making headway.

Here it is hung in the diner looking right at home!

The last thing I wanted to get done which I have been aching to get done was to hang the Moss Lamp Company wall plaque that we have had for a while but had not had a chance to hang. Mel and I purchased this from Frank a while ago and just had not gotten around to hanging it. I have never seen another one so I don’t think they are that common. I had to clean it up and install some artificial plants to dress it up. I like the amoeba shape of the plaque.

Asian style with yellow flowers.

Here it is hanging over our mirrored shadow box and the restored candy machine.

Before & After

1951 Lighted Planter and Shelf Unit

Barzilay Furniture Mfg. Co. Record Player Stand

1970 Electrohome Apollo 862 Record Player With Custom Fiberglass Base

Lighted Fiberglass End Table

Vintage Planter Cabinet

1951 Male Reglor Bullfighter Lamp

Sculptured Maple by the Franklin Shockey Company

1952 Stewart Warner TV

1950’s Big Boy Barbecue

Large 1951 Tropical Reglor Lamps

1950’s Atomic Concrete Flamingos

Vintage Wire Frame Desk & 3 Legged Chair

Reglor Tropical Lamps

Bo-Low Leopard Lamp

1960’s COSCO Hourglass Counter Stools

Vintage Dental Cabinet

Witco End Table

Dee Mfg. Corp. Bar Stools Revamp

Jungle Cat Carlo of Hollywood Pair

Witco Bar

Stellar Electronics Sign

Bar Refresh

Mid Century Chair

60′ Mod Lamp

1952 Blatz Beer Cast Aluminum Advertisement

Oak Leaf Lamp

West Bend Canisters

Vintage Hutch

Royal Chef BBQ

Modern Craft Furniture Mfg. Co. Chairs

Metal Sexton Wall Cats

Shirrell Graves Macaw

Lighted Carlo of Hollywood Frames

National Vending Machine

Vintage Ice Box

Hoop Chairs

Brown Saltman Desk & Chair

Bunnell Prints

1951 Reglor Fish Lamp

Westinghouse Little Jewel Radios

Retro Framed Chalkware

Atomic Bar

1950’s Phone Table

Daystrom Table and Chairs

Heywood Wakefied Dogbone Bed

1963 Tropical Sun Company Tiki Bar

Heywood Wakefield M905G Coffee Table

Carlo of Hollywood Watercolor Bullfighter

Carlo of Hollywood Watercolor Tropical Pair

Carlo of Hollywood Watercolor Tree

1951 Continental Art Company Statue

Capri Lamp

Plasto Manufacturing Company Lamp

Weinberg Horse Lamp 2

Weinberg Horse Lamp 1

Rio Heywood Wakefield Vanity and Stool

Rio Heywood Wakefield Low Dresser

Rio Heywood Wakefield High Dresser

Rio Heywood Wakefield Nightstands

Large Retro Plaster Mermaids

1958 Philco Predicta Pedestal Television

Seeburg Teardrop Speakers

Vintage Magazine Rack

Telefunken Jubilate

Telefunken Hymnus Hi-Fi 5014 WK

Carlo of Hollywood Watercolor Ballerina Pair

Reglor Bull Fighters


Art Deco


Hawaiian Male & Female


Continental Art Company Trillium


Continental Art Company Fairy


Corner Moss Spinner Lamp

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