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1958 Olympic Hi-Fi Combo Color Conversion

IMG_5847This was a long anticipated arrival!  Justin picked up this 1958 Olympic Hi-Fi (black and white) unit at a yard sale a while back and when I saw it in his shop I knew it had to be be mine.  You might remember the GE conversion  Justin did not too long ago.  That unit worked out great, and I knew Justin would do the same with this unit.

IMG_5822Justin went through the radio and record player to make sure they worked perfectly.

IMG_5825The color tube(CRT) Justin installed is from a 90’s RCA television.

IMG_5823Justin did such a fantastic job on this one.  He went as far as to custom make switch mechanisms so the original knobs work and function with the new conversion.

IMG_5840Justin was able to make the “Hi Fidelity” light function while the television is on.


Without further ado here is the result of Justin’s efforts.



And as with all Justin’s conversions it comes with a universal remote, not standard equipment in the 1950’s!


Justin also installed the remote sensor in a way that it doesn’t take away from the appearance of the unit.


That little black rectangle is the sensor he installed in the grill of the Hi-Fi console.

Another great piece to enjoy for years to come.

IMG_5832Here is Justin going over what he did to make this gem more modern!

1960 GE TV Cabinet


Mel and I were out at one of our local haunts when we came across this fantastic tv cabinet.  I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw it.


The previous owners just had an empty tv cabinet, so they put shelves in the void where the tv once was.  They did a nice job, but it would look soo much better as a television again.


As we blogged earlier, Justin at Stellar Electronics is installing new tubes into old tv cabinets.  Justin suggested some options that we’ll be exploring.


As you can see, this thing is ultra slim and has these really cool tapered legs.  The best thing is this has a really nice cabinet that really doesn’t need any refinishing.


Next time you see this unit it will hopefully be a fully functioning television again!

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