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FOR SALE: Mid-Century, Vintage, Space Age Mod, 60’s, 70’s Ball Light Shelf Floor Lamp

FOR SALE: Mid-Century, Vintage, Space Age Mod, 60’s, 70’s Ball Light Shelf Floor Lamp

This is a fantastic mod ball light shelf. This light has a really cool speckled salt and pepper finish. This is a fantastic space age piece and I hate to see it go. If interested please message me. No shipping. Local pick up in San Jose California.





FOR SALE: Vintage, Mid-Century, Space Age, Atomic, Electrohome Bubble Top Record Player

FOR SALE: Vintage, Mid-Century, Space Age, Atomic, Electrohome Bubble Top Record Player

This little gem is such a cool record player. This unit is functional and comes with a black hourglass stand and two ball speakers with platforms. Make a statement with this piece! If interested message me. No shipping local pickup in San Jose California.







FOR SALE: Mid-Century Lava Glaze Lamps With Original Shades

FOR SALE: Mid-Century Lava Glaze Lamps With Original Shades

Here we have a set of some really cool and vibrant lava glaze lamps with original shades. These also have a light in the base that is great for mood lighting. If interested please message me. Local pickup in San Jose California.

These lamps make whatever room they are in. The blues and greens in the glaze are so impressive in person.


The shades are original and in fantastic condition.

This light just needs the knob replaced.

Selling Off A Lot Of Our Mid-Century Space Age Items!!!

Selling Off A Lot Of Our Mid-Century Space Age Items!!!

!!!Hello All!!!

Mel and I are selling off most of our mid-century space age items from our apartment in San Jose California. We won’t have room for them in our new place. If interested in items we list for sale please message me. Unfortunately, we will not be shipping items because we are too busy!  More items will be added as we go along. Thanks and keep your eyes peeled! Here is our first item!!!

This is a fantastic decanter set that will give you the ability to serve everyone at your next party!

This set comes with 10 decanters and 12 Georges Briard glasses.

I had decals made for each decanter and they include:

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Cherry, Bourbon, Cognac, Brandy, Scotch, Whiskey & Tequila

The cart is in fantastic condition with little to no wear.

Paul T. Frankl set designed for Kane Kraft

Paul T. Frankl set designed for Kane Kraft

Mel and I picked this set up recently. Paul T. Frankl designed this set for Kane Kraft sometime in the late 40’s or early 50’s. I have always wanted a vintage bamboo dining set and this was the exact style I had in mind.

As you can see, the set was a little grubby from years of use. Most of the filth came off with cleaner, but the backs of the chairs had years of oil and grease built up on the surfaces. I cleaned them and resprayed them with polyurethane.


I have yet to clean this piece but that is all it should need.

We purchased this with plans to pick it up the following week. When we returned the store owner brought to our attention that there was a matching sideboard if we were interested! Yes please!

The top of this piece is fantastic!

So much storage, and we love those knobs.

The wood used appears to be solid Koa or Narra. The sideboard is solid and heavy. The grain of the wood glows like beams of sunlight in the sun.

I am currently on the hunt for appropriate fabric to recover the seats in.

Hepcats Evolution

When we started our blog about 6 years ago, our focus was on sharing our mid century decor collection and restoration techniques. Over the years, we’ve evolved and became more diverse in our collection and what we are involved with. Because of this, Hepcat Restorations no longer represents who we are. We are now rebranding ourselves as Hepcats Haven. Hepcats Haven will showcase a broader time period of collecting and restoration of items from the 1940’s-1980’s.  We’ll continue to sell vintage home decor in our showroom at Midway Antique Mall, and we’ve expanded to photoshoot location booking and prop rentals.  We are no longer offering restoration services.

Thanks to all of you who have followed us through our many adventures and shared your thoughts. We hope you continue to join us in this new journey.

Amazing Mid Century Couch and Chair Set


Mel and I were driving home from a visit to our shop inside Midway Antique Mall. On the way home we glanced over on a side street and saw a mid century couch and chair set. We rapidly swung a U turn and drove back to the house that had them out front. We jumped out and could not believe how large the couch was. The colors were still vibrant on all the pieces and the upholstery had the really cool design, as you can see.


While we were drooling over them the owner came out and said they were his mothers. She was the original owner and they were purchased while her husband was in the Air Force stationed at Travis AFB. When he died she moved into a trailer park and had it with her till her passing. You could see they were triggers for his memories of her and the years they were with her.


Usually, when we place something in our shop, we like to stage it but the couch is so large we had to just place them in the room.


Unfortunately, there are only material tags on these pieces. We could not find a designers/makers name.


If you are in the market for an ultra cool living room set, you can check it this out in our showroom Midway Antique Mall.

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