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Carlopalooza! (Major Carlo of Hollywood Score)


We have not found a large stash like this for a long time! I couldn’t stop smiling for like 8 hours!

Mel and I went to Midway Antique Mall a week ago to initially stock our new booth and when we came through the doors we noticed a set of Carlo of Hollywood paintings that were new to the store. Mel and I were soo excited when we saw this set that we scanned the rest of the store and we found eight more Carlo’s that we did not have in our collection! We told Mark and Ann, the owners of Midway, that we wanted them. We picked them up today. Happy Day!!!


It is hard to find a complete trio. This is our sixth set of trios!

This trio is very cool. The colors are still so vibrant and the imagery is timeless as usual. I love the Polynesian guy in the canoe! It always amazes me how Carlo did so much with his art when it is so simple. These will look great in the……….TIKI ROOM!


I just love her outfit! The pink edges of the art make it pop!


Not sure where these will go. They might look good in the Tiki room as well.



Of course these will be in our Tiki room.


I have wanted this set for a long time.


What amazes me about all these Carlo’s is how vibrant the colors still are.


Panthers are always cool! This one needs a little touch up on the black but it looks really cool as it is.This one does not have the forced perspective frame that all the others have.

Mel and I were just saying the other day that there has been a drought when it comes to new Carlo’s to buy. I guess this was like a torrential down pour of good luck! The good thing is that we might have a line on six more Carlo’s. Now the hard work begins, where can we fit 10 more into our 80+ Carlo collection. We are almost at a 100 Carlo’s!

Carlo of Hollywood Desert Trio


Hello all!

Just a quick post showing the trio hung together. The glass in the large desert Carlo arrived broken so I replaced it with plexiglass. On a piece this large the weight of the frame & glass need to be a consideration. Plexiglass also offers 87% UV protection unlike regular glass which offers only 40% UV protection.


This is our fourth Carlo trio set.

We have had these two for a while. Mel and I love the color of these frames!


This is now hanging in our bedroom over our fireplace. We are soo happy with the way it turned out.


Carlo of Hollywood: Good Carlo Bad Carlo


There are many rumors about Carlo of Hollywood. One is that Carlo sketched all the art pieces and his students painted them. As with anything, everyone has different abilities and it shows in the final works. Mel and I acquired a really cool tropical set with a beautiful woman and a painting of a man that isn’t all that great looking. This is a testament that if the above rumor is true, then this is a great example of the vast difference in abilities between one artist to another.


I love all Carlos but this one makes it tough. This must of been a new student or maybe someone who was hungover from a rockin’ weekend. This is more than likely the ugliest Carlo I have ever seen but we still love it cuz it’s rare! Let me know if you have one that is uglier. Oh, in the upper left hand corner and in the trees..that’s not water damage…that’s the artist expressing him/herself.


Mel and I have almost 80 Carlo’s and I can say that this is the best executed Carlo I have ever seen (not because she is naked). If you look at the techniques between both pieces you can tell that one artist has superior abilities. There is no way they are the same artist.

Carlo of Hollywood: Bullfighter Carlos Are Hung

Cross these off the resto list!

Well I finally re-finished the bullfighter frames. I had to reassemble one of the frames and glue them together. I decided to paint them black except for the edges that I decided to paint a coral color so they matched the coral accents of the pieces. These turned out really great and are larger than I thought they would be (a good problem).

I placed our ceramic bull fighter set near these newly restored Carlos.

The frames turned out wonderfully!

Here they are in their new place of honor in our bedroom.

Oh, what’s that you say? What are those amazing plaques on the same wall as the Carlos? Let me show you….

When we got these from Ebay they looked like this. They are mounted on these wood backboards that were kind of washed out so I changed them just a little.

I love the colors of these figures and yes, they are chalkware. I don’t know why I love chalkware so much….I need help.

I placed these with the Carlos because they just looked good together.

These were made in 1954 by Universal Statuary Company in Chicago.

We will enjoy these for a long time to come.

Carlo of Hollywood: Toro!

Mel and I picked these up in the bay yesterday. We have a lot of ballerinas and asian style Carlo watercolor pieces and have wanted one of his bullfighter sets for a long while. These have really great color and the imagery is great. I need to buy new glass, reassemble one of the frames, and restore a few of the corners that have wood broken off. These will look fantastic in our bedroom.

Also, you may have noticed a new page on our blog titled “Carlo of Hollywood Gallery“. This is where I would like all of you with Carlo watercolors to send me good quality pics of the ones you have so I can add them to the gallery. I want a running gallery of Carlo watercolor’s and where they’ve made it to. We’ll reference you as the source of the pictures.

Carlo of Hollywood: X-Large Ballerinas

Mel and I purchased this Carlo of Hollywood watercolor from eBay for under a $100. This thing is large measuring almost 6ft wide. When we received it the glass was missing. We went to our local framing store and purchased replacement glass for around $90 (not bad). The frame was really stained with smokers nicotine residue. I busted out the “Awesome” and gave the frame a scrubbing.

Artcraft Stamp

We must have every ballerina he has done.

This thing looks great with the new glass!

It looks great with the Radio Moss Lamp…….Oh yes that is the Idaho Motel sign but I am not done messin’ with it yet. I will blog about it once I finish it.

We have matching smaller Carlo’s that I may move near this one later. We will enjoy this for many years.

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