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Roy Rogers, Dale Evans & Trigger Oxford Mantle Clock Restoration

Roy Rogers, Dale Evans & Trigger Oxford Mantle Clock Restoration

I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these clocks for a while now. I was cruising on the internet and came across one on Mercari that wasn’t outrageous but needed work, something I’m not afraid of.

Once this item arrived the first thing I noticed upon unpacking is that it appears somebody had painted this whole thing with house paint. It appears they never even took it apart they painted all the figures and even the base. They did a very sloppy job but at the end of the day it didn’t matter because I was going to strip it and repaint it.

I dismantled the whole unit and applied stripper and scrub them clean. It was quite a job but I’m really happy with the results!

Fortunately, the clock actually works. That requires no maintenance so that’s a plus!

The bottom of the platform was stamped with 810 so I’m assuming this is the original platform.

The clock faces in really good condition

This piece came right out of Jersey City New Jersey!

The base cleaned up really nice. Once I was able to get all the paint removed I’d like sanded it applied a little bit of stain and then put a satin clearcoat on it or polyurethane. I’m really happy with a clean finish.

What’s the paint was removed there was no way to just leave the finished it was under the paint it was in pretty sad condition. I have this really cool gold paint that I use regularly and I think it just makes the whole thing come together.

Our cabin up in Canyon Lake will display a large collection of Roy Rogers and this will just be another piece in that collection. I love bringing an ugly duckling back to life! On to the next project!!!

1949 “Happy Trails/Roy Rogers & Trigger” RCA Victor Record Player


Mel and I were at Midway Antique Mall stocking our booth with some of our new finds. After we stock we like to cruise the store to see what other dealers have brought in. I was browsing and came across this 1949 RCA Victor “Roy Rogers Happy Trails” record player (model # 9-EY-36, only made for one year) and was so excited when I saw the asking price…….$40 with 15% off! Needless to say I jumped on it.


I LOVE western themed items from the 50’s. Because westerns were so popular with kids from that era it is hard to find items that are not beat to hell because of use. Embellished with Disney Decals on a bakelite cabinet, this style of record player sold for $39 when it’s ordinary brown bakelite cabinet version sold for 19.95. Now that was 1950’s prices. With regular inflation, it would sell now for over $400.

IMG_2148This unit powers on and turns slowly but I will need to have my stereo repair guy take a look at it. As far as case condition I plan to clean it and try to find some touch up paint to cover areas where the Bakelite is showing through. The next thing on my list will be to find some 45’s of Roy Rogers to play on this once it is running good as new.



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