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1950’s Westinghouse Roaster

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These model roasters were made between 1949 to 1953. Mel and I purchased ours off of Craigslist and it wasn’t in too bad of shape. The stand the roaster sits on had rust on the bottom outside edge and a few dents. I went to work on it right away sanding and pounding the dents out and in no time I had the bottom repainted in a “bisque” color to match the antique white of the roaster. When we purchased it there was no cord or dishes just the stand, roaster and the metal tray. I had wanted one of these for so long because I always thought the idea of cooking your whole dinner at the same time in one appliance was nifty. I found the cord at a thrift store and the replacement Westinghouse dishes we purchased off of Ebay. Mel and I still want to get all the accessories to this roaster like the griddle and the rotisserie so please let us know if you have a line on them. You see these roasters on Craigslist once in awhile so treat yourself and pick up one, they are a must for any kitchen!

Here are some endorsements from the “The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show” cast. This show was sponsored by Westinghouse. Check out that pink roaster up front! Westinghouse was a big name brand of the era.


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