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Gay Fad Retro Glassware

Gay Fad (GF) is the brain child of Fran Taylor. In 1938, with a $30.00 investment, Fran Taylor started her own company (Gay Fad Studios) which would go on to become one of the major forces in glass ware design during the 1940s and 1950s. Today, she has left a great legacy of hand-decorated glassware that collectors are rediscovering. She was one of only a few women entrepreneurs of the time and she was a tremendous success with such a modest beginning. Above information provided by

Mel and I were turned onto this stuff by a friend of ours and now we always have an eye out for it. GF  had a lot of different designs and styles but Mel and I are into the really hip ones they turned out. There were a lot of copy cats out there so it is a good idea to be aware of a few things before you throw down your hard earned cash. If you are lucky the piece you are buying will be marked “GF” or “Gay Fad.” The name was either stenciled on the outside of the glass or has a sticker telling you it was made by GF. The bad thing is a lot of the time the sticker is missing from years of use. If that is the case then you have to fall back on your experience and research.  The first set we acquired has a bunch of different faces and their professional status in society written on them. I really love the style of the drawings on each one. I have included some pictures of one of the sets we have and will post more soon! Click Images to Enlarge

Chief Glass

Beggar Man Glass

Rich Man Glass

Lawyer Glass

Merchant Glass

Doctor Glass

Poor Man Glass

Thief Glass

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