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1958 Melmac Flyte by Branchell


“A stunning new pattern that captures the flowing grace of bright wings in motion…..creates a striking rhythmic design that sends your spirits soaring perfectly delightful…. stylized pink, turquoise and charcoal gray birds that sweep across the mottles white “sky” in a blaze of brilliance.”

Mel and I came across this style Melmac awhile back and really liked its styling and have now decided to start collecting it. At first we thought this was a Herman Miller piece because of the little “H” like emblems on the plates.


As you can see the logo’s are very similar.


We just started collecting this set so we are still needing a lot of pieces. If anyone out there is selling pieces to this ultra cool design please let us know!


These are actually supposed to be birds.



Here is the original ad. This set will become our every day plates.

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