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1960’s Tango Chairs Produced By Overman AB


Mel and I had the good fortune to come across these at one of our favorite haunts. We knew what they were right when we saw them. We are so excited to get a matching set of four.


I love the simplicity and functionality these offer.


The Overman Company began production in Sweden, before reloctating (under the same name) to Lüneburg, Germany.  In the early 1960’s, the company produced some very cool  pieces, which are very collectable and rare.


These chairs have a lot going for them: they are light, when stacked can offer a small footprint and they have a unique design.


Mel and I are debating if they will be added to our collection or if they will end up in our shop, we will let you know!

Here are some other fantastic pieces Overman AB produced…


This is the only vintage ad I could find of some really cool looking chairs they offered.


Nice! Red velvet lounger.


Love, love love this chair! This looks like the chair Gold Member sat in during the movie Austin Powers…



The loungers they produced look so comfortable.


Here is a nice egg chair.


What a sleak looking couch. Love the upholstery.

Panton Era Mirrors



We found these great space age mirrors on eBay.


These mirrors are dynamite! They have some yellowing due to age, but they are in fantastic original condition!


These mirrors are sort of a diamond shape. The material is heavy gauge plastic and has held up remarkably well.


I am guessing these were produced sometime in the 70’s, but if anyone knows different please let me know. I couldn’t find any makers mark, or any info online. These look like something out of Star Wars.


I plan to hang these above our headboard. We managed to find a fantastic 70’s rosewood platform bed with nightstands that have a radio built into them. Once we get it set up I will make sure to blog about it!

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