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Hepcats Evolution

When we started our blog about 6 years ago, our focus was on sharing our mid century decor collection and restoration techniques. Over the years, we’ve evolved and became more diverse in our collection and what we are involved with. Because of this, Hepcat Restorations no longer represents who we are. We are now rebranding ourselves as Hepcats Haven. Hepcats Haven will showcase a broader time period of collecting and restoration of items from the 1940’s-1980’s.  We’ve expanded to photoshoot location booking and prop rentals.  However, we are no longer offering restoration services.

Thanks to all of you who have followed us through our many adventures and shared your thoughts. We hope you continue to join us in this new journey.


Alameda Point Antiques Faire Small Haul

Alameda Point Antiques Faire Small Haul

Alameda Haul

Today, we hit the Alameda Point Antiques Faire.  Mel and I were up around 2:30am to get ready and head out for the faire.  The Alameda Point Antiques Faire opens at 6:00am, and there is usually a line eagerly awaiting to get in.  We were third in line and managed to score a few items for our collection.  Here are our trophies for the day!

Holt Howard Pixieware

Mel was able to snatch up these two pieces of Holt Howard.  These little pixieware jars can get pricey!


We have tried to kitsch up our kitchen even more than it already is.  When I saw these Holt Howard scarecrow salt and pepper shakers I knew they would look fantastic on our Big Chill cooktop.


This kitschy ceramic cow bank will look great on top of our fridge!

Cow creamer, S&P

Here are more kitschy cows.


This is a metal doggie bank.  He is so cute!


We already have a set of these, but one of them was repaired.  This is a flawless set that will be a great replacement.  These are so atomic!


Though we do not smoke cigarettes, we love the colors in this set of ashtrays made by Eagle.

Coral Fiberglass Shade

This is a great coral fiberglass barrel lamp shade.


Mel was able to pick up these fifties wall fish as well.  Ceramicraft produced the fish on the right.  Although we’ve seen the set on the left before, we’re unsure of the maker.


These vintage hanging seahorses were a great find.  They were produced by Nameth Enterprises.


These of course will end up in our Tiki room.  They are vintage Bali Tiki headhunter salt and pepper shakers.


We are always on the hunt for vintage barkcloth, so we knew we had to get this bolt of fabric.


This is an awesome small pink ceramic bullet planter.  Something that is crazy in the bullet planter world is that sometimes the smaller ones are more valuable than the larger ones.


Mel and I have really enjoyed staging our rooms such as the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms.  This set of vintage products will end up in our master bathroom.  We love all the little starbursts!


I love this novelty shot glass set, it’s fantastic!  The imagery on the original box is so cool.

IMG_0398Mel scored this fantastic large vintage plastic aqua and white purse.


These speakers look like UFO’s!  They were made by National Home Speaker (model SPT-501) and were mainly used as external speakers for small radios.


For me, this was the find of the day.  This little record player is in fantastic original condition.  The unit still works, but needs some minor adjustments to fine tune it.


The green felt on the platter is still soft and the fabric on the front is flawless.


The cabinet needs a little touch up, but I am so lovin’ this little guy!

50’s Style Souvenir Flour Sack Kitchen Towels

IMG_2190I was cruising eBay when I came across these wonderful reproduction flour sack kitchen towels.  I think I ordered every style the seller had.  I know these will look great in our kitchen.  Flour sacks or feed sacks have a long history of being reused as fabric to make clothes, towels or any other things you could think of.  In my opinion, these are as good as the originals.  Here are the ones we ordered…

IMG_2188 IMG_2187 IMG_2186 IMG_2185 IMG_2184 IMG_2183 IMG_2182

IMG_2189Normally I am not into remakes, but who could pass on these?

Formed Products Co. Lighted Shadowbox Pictures

IMG_2168I have always thought these were really cool.  I am a sucker for items that have multiple purposes such as these, they are art and a way to light an area in your home.  I tried to find info on “Formed Products Co.”, and unfortunately was unable to find anything out about them.  I assume these are from the late 50’s or early 60’s.   These are referred to as “reverse painted” scenes on the glass.  When you look at the art, it is very similar to paint by number.


I plan to re-paint both these frames.  The Asian frame will be black with a gold trim, and the flower frame will be pink with a gold trim.

Here are the first two to start our future collection.  Though I don’t like all of them, there are many that have awesome imagery.  I plan to hang all of our future collection on one wall or down a hallway and have them wired to one switch.  I think it is a cool way to brighten up a home.


Here are a couple we got off of eBay and Etsy, just waiting on them to come in the mail.


This one has lots of pink and aqua….how could it be anything but awesome?!


They made many Asian scenes.

Here are a few I am on the lookout for…


I am seriously diggin’ this one.  I hope I can locate one.  The imagery is classic.


It appears that there may be 4-5 different Asian ones.


There are also a few “Southern Belle” images.


This one isn’t that common.

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