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Vintage Chromcraft Loveseat


Mel and I picked this up in Paradise, California last week. We had been thinking about it for a while and decided to go ahead and get it. We hope it will team well with our other Chromcraft pieces once they are done getting upholstered.


This piece is really clean considering its age.


Usually the upholstery on these pieces have cuts and tears and a few missing buttons.



This piece only needs a good deep cleaning to make the upholstery look like new.


We would like to see if we can find the matching armchairs.


We are really impressed how little work this needs.


Still has the makers tag!!


The legs need some tightening but appear to be in great shape.


We hope to be able to use it, but if for some reason we can’t fit it in, you will see it in our shop at Midway Antique Mall.

Amazing Mid Century Couch and Chair Set


Mel and I were driving home from a visit to our shop inside Midway Antique Mall. On the way home we glanced over on a side street and saw a mid century couch and chair set. We rapidly swung a U turn and drove back to the house that had them out front. We jumped out and could not believe how large the couch was. The colors were still vibrant on all the pieces and the upholstery had the really cool design, as you can see.


While we were drooling over them the owner came out and said they were his mothers. She was the original owner and they were purchased while her husband was in the Air Force stationed at Travis AFB. When he died she moved into a trailer park and had it with her till her passing. You could see they were triggers for his memories of her and the years they were with her.


Usually, when we place something in our shop, we like to stage it but the couch is so large we had to just place them in the room.


Unfortunately, there are only material tags on these pieces. We could not find a designers/makers name.


If you are in the market for an ultra cool living room set, you can check it this out in our showroom Midway Antique Mall.

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