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Bogart Marathon On TCM (Starting 8/1/2013)


I was sitting on the couch watching TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and decided to see what would be on later tonight and I noticed a string of Bogart movies scheduled to play. I don’t know about you but there has never been a better actor than Humphrey Bogart, to me he is tops! I know people throw the word icon around all the time but he is truly and icon of the silver screen. Although he continually played men with criminal pasts, Bogart created a rich and complex screen image that stood as a visual and cultural icon for the “noir” side of Hollywood: his hangdog expression, perennial five-o’clock shadow, and dangling cigarette came to signify the world-weary cynic, the staid, self-reliant individualist who was at heart a moral, even sentimental human being. Whether portraying ex-con, war hero, detective or more offbeat characters, this combination of traits ultimately gave Bogart a romantic appeal of immense proportions, an appeal that has remained powerful with subsequent generations of moviegoers while other box office star images of the golden age have faded. Though not all of his greatest films are being played there are a lot of really good ones scheduled. Here is what will be played and when:


I copied this schedule from TCM. Sorry its a little blurry. These times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

****If you are not available to catch-all these flicks make sure to DVR them, I promise you will not be disappointed****



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