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Westinghouse Radio Restorations

little jewelsI have always thought these little radios were cool. I was able to purchase two of these online but they were not in the best of shape. These streamlined powerhouse radios are also known as refrigerator radios because of the similar physical appearance as refrigerators of that era.

LJadHere are some images of the way they looked when I acquired them.


As you can see this unit is well used.


This little guy had a bad crack that needed to be glued, filled, sanded and painted.


I decided to change the color from the boring cream color to a retro aqua color.

After a lot of sanding and effort here is how this one turned out!


I am very pleased with how this turned out. With the new color and speaker fabric it really pops now. The flash of the camera makes it look light blue but it is actually aqua colored. This unit still works and sounds fantastic!


Here you can see the great little Bakelite handle to carry it around. These units have such great sound. They actually sound like a larger unit.

Here is the next unit I picked up from Craigslist in Sacramento. This unit is non-functioning but I will fix that later.


This unit had a lot of wear. The speaker fabric was dirty and loose. Also, you can see it is missing a knob and the handle for the back. (if any of our readers has a spare handle please let me know).


After some light sanding time for paint.

I chose a classic maroon color that would compliment the gold color. I also had to order a new dial wheel from “Radio Daze”. I think this unit looks great!


Though the knobs are not original they look great! (these knobs are from a Zenith Transoceanic).


Like I mentioned above, if anyone has a spare handle let me know!


These are great little units to put on an end table and just enjoy the experience of listening to music. I plan to drop the maroon one off at the radio repair guy to get up and running.



Update 1: Rocco’s Cancer

After almost a full phase of chemo Rocco is now in remission! He handled all the treatments like a champ. He only got sick once. He has one more treatment and then he is done with this phase. We then have to have him monitored by the vet to keep an eye on his cancer and to detect its return. He is starting to get back to his old self and we will enjoy him as long as possible. I would like to thank all those who kept him in your prayers and thoughts.


Update 2: Old MacDonald’s Farm Sign

We recently attended the Rancho Cordova Parks and Recreation Council meeting where we were able to put forth our proposal for the sign. I had a chance to meet Jo Ann who is with the Rancho Cordova Historical Society. Jo Ann and the organization she represents are passionate about preserving the areas past. Jo Ann and I had the opportunity to speak to the council and explain why it is so important to save this sign. We had the support of the historical society, my family and our friend Vic. The response from the council was mainly positive, but one of the members seemed to not be on board with the idea. We are now waiting to hear from the council to see what their decision is.

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