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Sad Arrival…Happy Revival


We already own these famous pieces by Cosmo De Salvo in different frames. We love his work! These frames have a cool 3D effect.

Mel and I purchased this set of Cosmo De Salvo Artone creations online. Though these look great in the photo they arrived in sad shape. The images were scratched and peeling off in the corners. We were not happy with them and set them aside till we could come up with something else to do with them.  Since I am on this painting kick (I can’t STOP!!!) I decided to revamp these pieces into something we could use.


As with all my watercolors you have to sketch out what you plan to paint, Here I sketched out a Tucan.

After a good day of work and lots of color mixing here is the first piece I knocked out,


I think this looks great with the frame. I painted the part that pushes the art work out black. The flat portion of the frame I painted red with black and gold speckles.

Next I decided to paint a Rhinoceros Hornbill bird. I thought these two will look great in our Tiki Room/Bar


These are strange-looking birds, very exotic.


We are very happy with the way these look and cant wait to see them on the wall.

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