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Peace, Love And The Psychedelic Sixties Concert Posters


1967 original concert poster for the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Peanut Butter Conspiracy and Sparrow at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. Artwork by Bonnie MacLean; concert presented by Bill Graham; printing by Neal, Stratford and Kerr. Catalog no. BG-66. Great psychedelic art poster!

 Concert posters are new to us. I am a big music lover, but have never had the opportunity to get into collecting these sort of psychedelic posters from the 60’s. We were shopping at Midway Antique Mall and we bumped into Greg, a fellow dealer. Greg has a great spot at Midway where he sells records and memorabilia like these posters.


1968 original poster of the concert at the Regency Ballroom featuring Sparrow (pre-Steppenwolf), Wildflower, Living Children & The Immediate Family. Attractive, colorful Mouse Studios design.

Greg was kind enough to tell us some things to pay attention to when buying these posters. He said that there were some pretty great artists who created these and the imagery is very important. He said it isn’t that common to see a picture of the bands on the posters, it’s usually some psychedelic image. This was our first intro into the vintage concert poster arena, but when we collect, we go all out. Thanks a lot Greg!


1967 Original print of Electric Flag, Moby Grape, and The Steve Miller Blues Band at The Fillmore. Artist: Bonnie MacLean. Photo of The Electric Flag American Music Band by Jim Marshall.

The story behind a lot of these posters is kind of cool. There was a house in the bay that a woman was cleaning out. The home belonged to her grandmother who lived there during the time period these concerts were occurring. I guess they used to plaster the neighborhood with these posters to advertise for up and coming concerts. This grandmother would go out in the mornings and grab a couple of the posters when she could. Over time, she amassed a large collection. This grandmother put all the posters together, rolled them up and stored them away for many years. The granddaughter said they had so many cool things they threw away and they were not sure anyone would want these. The granddaughter’s girlfriend said she was sure they were worth something. We were told they brought in a pretty good amount of posters and that they were snatched up by dealers for resale.


1967 original poster with Quicksilver Messenger Service with The Miller Blues Band, Live at the Avalon Ballroom, March 10-11, 1967. “Peacock Ball” – Early original 1960s S.F. Family Dog concert poster. Artist is Victor Moscoso.


Original 1966 Jefferson Airplane Psychedelic Rock Concert Poster. This concert featured Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane, James Cotton, Chicago Blues Band along with Moby Grape. Held at The Fillmore. Printed by West Coast Lithograph Co. and this was another creation of Wes Wilson.


Original 1967 poster at Fillmore in San Francisco with Frank Zappa in the Mothers of Invention. Also performing Canned Heat and Blues Project. Artist was Wes Wilson and printed by West Coast Lithograph.


Original 1967 poster including Jefferson Airplane, Jimmy Reed and the Stu Gardner Trio weigh in with mixed images of beauty, the primitive and creation in this aptly named Truth Search. This 1st printing poster and was created by artist Wes Wilson and printed by the West Coast Lithograph Co.


1967 Family Dog Poster (orig. first run) highly sought after THE DOORS poster advertising their concert at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco CA on April 14th & 15th 1967. Also performing were The Steve Miller Blues Band and Haji Baba. This Family Dog poster is by famed artist Victor Moscoso who was the leader in developing photo collage with neon colors characteristic of the psychedelic posters of the time.

This Doors poster above is our favorite! It is hard to see, but in that spiral design you can see an image of a woman. It’s kind of difficult to tell in the picture, but in person you can see her really well.  These will go somewhere in our home where they can be enjoyed daily!

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