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Repurpose of Vintage Department Store Display

Repurpose of Vintage Department Store Display

Mel and I came across this hutch when it was in an antique store called Atomic Living Hayward, which is sadly out of business now. I regreted not buying it when we saw it the first time. Then, I was hitting antique stores in San Jose, CA and BOOM, there it was again! I knew this must have been destiny, so I jumped right on it. Fortunately, there was a sale too!It appears it was mounted in/on a wall. The condition of the paneling on the sides and top was pretty bad. The side lower back corners had delamination and wood loss. As always when it comes to cabinetry work, I rely on my Step-Father Dave. I had no desire to try and replace the panels on each side and the top. We decided to recover the whole cabinet with 1/4 inch plywood to make it look like new. Once we cut each panel to size, we glued it and brad nailed it to the cabinet. Another challenge we had was that we needed to build a base for the legs to attach to. I decided I wanted to use 28″ hairpin legs to prop this cabinet up. Thank god for clamps! With the base built and the cabinet recovered it looked like a new cabinet. With the new plywood attached, we needed to add a trim piece to hide the repair. Here you can see the new trim and paneling. With the cabinet fully repaired it was time to attach the legs to this piece!Now time for paint!I wanted it to match the goldish tan color of our rattan. I took a small piece to Home Depot and matched it. I wanted to paint the striated wood insert a greenish color that would compliment our tiki room. With it painted, it was time to get glass cut for the top and install interior lighting. Ta Da! We are really pleased how it turned out. Melody and I are big fans of striated wood pieces. This doesn’t hold all our tiki mugs, but it adds loads more interest to the room.Now that this is done it’s off to the next restoration!

Tiki Mugs & More


Today I decided to head out to the Antique Trove in Roseville to see if they had any Tiki mugs I could purchase. I headed there with high hopes and cash in hand. Now that the main part of the Tiki room is done, all I need are accessories. I am just getting into collecting Tiki mugs so it will take time to amass a vast collection.


My goal is to not have any mugs be the same. I want all different kinds.


I am going to try and collect mostly vintage Tiki mugs. That isn’t to say that I wont buy newer ones, due to the fact they are making a lot of really cool ones.


This is a vintage Rum decanter. The hat screws off and may be usded to measure out shots.


This cool mug pays tribute to Hawaii 5-O with Jack Lord as Steve McGarett.


Here is the Hawaiian icon Don Ho. He was famous for his song Tiny Bubbles.


These were made by Hollywood Ceramics Co.. I purchased this one at The Antique Trove. I love the little earrings.


I found this great planter at Maholo Tiki.

I was driving down Sunrise Blvd. about a week ago when I glanced over at the store fronts I had driven by many of times, and there I saw something that got my attention….I saw a store called Maholo Tiki (3667 Recycle Road #10 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742)! I made it a point to make a mental note to come and check it out, and today was the day. I walked in and was greeted by Mary, one of the owners, and she was very pleasant to talk to. I was soo excited that we have something soo cool in our own backyard. If you get a chance to check them out, I am sure you will not be disappointed. I will make many happy returns to Maholo Tiki. Also, make sure you check out their Ebay store in case you are not local to take part in all the great items they sell. Here are some shots I took of the store to give you an idea of what they carry.


As you can see, there is a lot to choose from.


They sell vintage and modern Tiki items.


A cool selection of tropical clothing and jewelry.


They also sell books and artwork, including both prints and originals of the Hawaiian artist Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker!!!

Tiki Room Is Done………For Now


These cushions look great after being reupholstered by Bill at B&T Upholstery.

After a lot of work and searching for the right items the Tiki room is done. The last thing needing to be done to complete the bar was to reassemble the she stools.


These really glow now! It is amazing what some new polyurethane can do.

Once the stools were done we shot over to pick up some cool bamboo shelves that will hold the collection of tiki mugs we plan to collect.


These frame our Coaxial television perfectly.

With this new bar and shelves the room looks a lot more put together. It takes time to get things right but in the end it pays off when you see what all your hard work and searching is able to achieve. Here are some pictures of our room. The pictures tell you more then I can write. I hope you approve!






After all was done I collapsed on the 6 band and watched a true classic The Maltese Falcon. If you have never watched a classic movie on a classic television you haven’t lived. Its like being in a time warp!

Mel and I just purchased about 10 more Carlos that we will be featuring them soon and a few of them will make it into the Tiki Room. We are soo excited to get them.

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