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1950’s Wales Japan “Sugar Coated” Porcelain Figurines


This is our first set and its a mother squirrel with babies.  They are chained together.

Mel and I came across our first set of Wales “Sugar Coated” figurines a few months back.  We loved the colors and how adorable each figure is.


Here is a set with a mother lamb with babies.  The chain is broken, but I am sure I can find a replacement.  Also, it seems to be pretty common to have paint loss on these, so I am going to find some enamel paint to touch them up.


Here is a set of mama and papa cats with a youngster.   It appears a running theme Wales used was a red bow tie on these critters.


Here is a Wales elephant.  This is supposed to have two babies chained to it, but this is how we found it.

Mel and I would love to get all the different “Sugar Coated” ones that Wales produced, but we are not sure how many different ones they made.  Here are more we found searching the net…


OH MY!!  Pink elephants!  I must have. (excuse blurriness)


Here is a small cat that is being shipped to us.  It will complete the cat trio above.

This is a mouse set we recently won on eBay.

We snagged this along with the mouse set from the same seller.

$_57-3 $T2eC16h,!zEE9s3!Z)VdBRqp)!OGiw~~60_12 $_57-6 $_57-7 $(KGrHqRHJ!4FBQ!sVjWMBRyIZ3lmVQ~~60_57

  We think these will look great in our atomic shadow boxes.  If anybody has any Wales figurines with the sugar coat texture you’re interested in selling, let us know!

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