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Repurpose of Vintage Department Store Display

Repurpose of Vintage Department Store Display

Mel and I came across this hutch when it was in an antique store called Atomic Living Hayward, which is sadly out of business now. I regreted not buying it when we saw it the first time. Then, I was hitting antique stores in San Jose, CA and BOOM, there it was again! I knew this must have been destiny, so I jumped right on it. Fortunately, there was a sale too!It appears it was mounted in/on a wall. The condition of the paneling on the sides and top was pretty bad. The side lower back corners had delamination and wood loss. As always when it comes to cabinetry work, I rely on my Step-Father Dave. I had no desire to try and replace the panels on each side and the top. We decided to recover the whole cabinet with 1/4 inch plywood to make it look like new. Once we cut each panel to size, we glued it and brad nailed it to the cabinet. Another challenge we had was that we needed to build a base for the legs to attach to. I decided I wanted to use 28″ hairpin legs to prop this cabinet up. Thank god for clamps! With the base built and the cabinet recovered it looked like a new cabinet. With the new plywood attached, we needed to add a trim piece to hide the repair. Here you can see the new trim and paneling. With the cabinet fully repaired it was time to attach the legs to this piece!Now time for paint!I wanted it to match the goldish tan color of our rattan. I took a small piece to Home Depot and matched it. I wanted to paint the striated wood insert a greenish color that would compliment our tiki room. With it painted, it was time to get glass cut for the top and install interior lighting. Ta Da! We are really pleased how it turned out. Melody and I are big fans of striated wood pieces. This doesn’t hold all our tiki mugs, but it adds loads more interest to the room.Now that this is done it’s off to the next restoration!

Vintage Planter Cabinet Revamp

Vintage Planter Cabinet Revamp

Mel and I have looked for a slim storage cabinet for our laundry area. We were busy at Midway Antique Mall stocking our showroom when I noticed this cabinet one of our fellow dealers was selling. What caught our eye was the planter on top. I knew that would add loads of interest to the piece. Another great thing about this piece is that it can also be used as a room divider.

Vintage Planter Cabinet

Of course, the plain white color had to go. We decided to paint it the colors “aqua rapids” & “dusty rose”. I light sanded the piece and started to apply color.

Vintage Planter Cabinet

Vintage Planter Cabinet

Vintage Planter Cabinet

Then, I shot over to Michaels and picked up a bunch of artificial succulents for the planter. We’ve tried to keep real plants alive with no luck.

Vintage Planter Cabinet

Vintage Planter Cabinet

Vintage Planter Cabinet

Vintage Planter Cabinet

Now that this is done, we have the much needed storage in our laundry room. Off to the next thing to restore!

Vintage Planter Cabinet


Vintage Dentist Cabinet


This cabinet was from one of our recent scores. Mel and I knew it would be a perfect addition to our bathroom. This cabinet was in good overall condition but it needed to be freshened up.


These old cabinets were mainly constructed out of plywood. I could either paint the inside or sand it and polyurethane it, I chose the latter.


The exposed wood had lots of marks and stains from many years of use. Sanding is a good way to refresh the wood and clean it.


Before sanding


After sanding


 After everything was sanded I sprayed all the exposed wood surfaces with spray satin polyurethane.


As you can see, the wood looks warmer and it feels smoother to the touch.

The next thing I had to focus on was the base. The wood had some areas that had chunks of wood missing. Instead of producing a new base it was easier/faster to just Bondo the affected areas.


The Bondo is applied and drying in the sun.


Now that the Bondo is dry I can sand it into shape & paint it black.


This is the front corner of the base with the Bondo sanded into shape. If you haven’t considered using Bondo it is a fantastic repair material, so think about adding it to your restoration toolbox.


Once I was done with the cabinet I focused on dressing it up a little. I bought some steel washers and placed them between the pull and the drawer to dress up the drawer fronts.


When we purchased the cabinet, it originally had damage to both lower front corners. The formica was chipped off and there was wood loss. As a restorer, sometimes all you can do is hide the damage. I knew that I could just fabricate aluminum corner protectors to both protect the corners and hide the damage underneath.


As you can see, it matches well with the tile.


I really dig this cracked ice formica.


One of the biggest reasons why we wanted this cabinet is the hidden garbage can. Our dog Milo loves to get into the garbage and shred tissue paper.


Our master bathroom is really small and has very little storage, so this is a welcome piece of storage.

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