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Idaho Motel Sign Project…

Mel and I were driving down Hwy 16 and we looked over at this small business and there we saw the most beautiful thing…..a 1940’s motel sign. The sign was sitting against a fence and had been ignored for a long while. We approached the business owner and asked if he would sell it. We agreed on a price and it was delivered. I really love the colors and the style. The original neon is gone but that is ok. I plan to refinish both sides and use it as a room divider. This will take some time but I will show you my progress as I go along. This is going to be KILLER! What we were told is a downtown Holiday Inn had purchased the sign and modified it with its name plate and the arrow. Once I removed the name plate we discovered the sign was actually for the Idaho Motel that was in El Cerrito. Here are some pictures of the sign now, enjoy.

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