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1958 Wurlitzer 2200 with Satellite Speakers Project

We acquired this piece through a local antique dealer. When we got it the cabinet was kind of “rustic”. There was some paint peeling and the decals were curled. We decided to re-finish the cabinet. The actual jukebox works perfectly. Before we started the restoration we thought it would be cool to find some satellite speakers to hang on the wall. After some searching on eBay we were able to find two Wurlitzer speakers and I re-finished them using the same theme as the jukebox.

The first step was to decide what color to refinish the pieces in. We found some durable paint that would work on both surfaces and would look good in our diner. I had to light sand the cabinet and tape off the areas I didn’t want to get paint on. I decided to use a roller instead of a brush to get a smoother finish. After I finished each section I allowed time for drying in between coats. Once the colors had dried I decided to put pin striping to break up the sections. I was able to get this through a local automotive store. The last step was cleaning the glass, shining the chrome, and turning it on. This jukebox fills the room with sound at just a quarter of the volume.

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