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I Love Lucy – On Stage Color Footage (1951)

God I love this! It makes me want to see all the episodes in color. Check out all the vibrant colors and the color of their apartment. This is great!

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  1. Oh WOW, I wanna see more! Who knew what we were missing! Wish someone could find some full episodes & show them as specials. My first thought was, “why the heck didn’t they show them in color!” Well duuh. We didn’t have color TV’s at that time. Have you noticed some of the artwork looking very much like “Carlo”? I know I’ve seen a few ballerina’s that I KNOW are his. Also, & this is kind of hilarious, but who knew I’d ever think of Ricky as a HOT babe?! He really was kinda cute & the action on that conga drum really is sorta “rock star” don’t you think? :- )



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