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Here are some great finds!

Mel and I had a great day shopping at our local antique stores. It was nice to get back out after being away for such a long time in Nebraska. My grandma is making a great recovery! Anyways, here are some of our finds:

This really colorful Maddux Horse Television lamp

Gilner Television lamp. One more to add to our collection

Cute pixies!

Here is a really great art deco frame we picked up. I don't know who the guy is in the photo though. I plan to put an original image of the Idaho Motel sign in it.

Here is a great collectors book we pick up for Bakelite.

We found this really great tribal lamp that will look killer in our tiki room. This lamp was made by Florentine Novelty.

1953 Continental Art Co. flamingo dancer lamp. I might have a line on her male counterpart. They will look great on a couple of Heywood Wakefield dressers. It came with a generic shade so we plan to replace it with a better vintage shade.

We found a couple of Gill paintings, here is the first one....

And here is the second. I really love the simplicty of his work. The frames need help but that won't be a problem.

Here is a Ceramicraft fish Mel couldn't live without.

And here is another one. Mel must have over 120 fish now.

Now you may remember I blogged about wanting to restore a vintage pedal car. Today at the Roseville Antique Trove I stumbled across this diamond in  the rough.

Some look at rust as a turn off. I look at it as an opportunity!

Most of the rust is surface. I am eager to start this restoration.

I think this is originaly what it looked like. It was made between the 1930's - 1940's.

 I think we found some great items today. Tomorrow is the local Second Sunday Antique Fair. Hopefully we can find more treasures :). I always love the diversity of items we find out there.


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  1. I love all of your finds….but I must say – the fishes are my fav! They are so CUTE!


  2. HO! I knew it wouldn’t be long before you found a car! Great finds


  3. Yo! Love love love the flamingo dancer lamp. Saw another with white dress. Writer said it was her grandfathers lamp. I want one.



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