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1970 Ford F-100 Sport Custom Long bed Truck


Well it’s been about seven months and Mel and I are getting comfortable in our new place. Anyways, I wanted to share with all of you a new member of our family. We recently picked up a really clean 1970 F-100 Truck. We needed something that could haul a lot and had an open bed.


Here he is….I decided to name him Hoss!


Dan Blocker as ‘Hoss’ Cartwright on Bonanza! He is the trucks name sake.

I was cruising Craigslist as usual and came across this really clean truck. This truck was blue originally but one of the previous owners had it painted in this color scheme, I dig it. It doesn’t have original wheels on it, these are vintage Bronco rims.


I don’t care for the aftermarket side mirror. I already ordered ones correct for this year truck.

 This is not a show truck but it is in really great condition. This truck has a V8 with a 360ci engine and is 2WD and an automatic. This truck runs really well considering its age. I need to recover the bench seat (already ordered new covers) but the rest of the interior is in really great shape. One of the best things about this truck is that it is pre-smog! This truck works like a truck and rides like a car. It rides smoother then my 2011 Ford F-150. This is all because of the twin I beam suspension.


The paint was faded when I got it so I spent a few days rubbing it out and was able to bring back the shine.


These trucks are starting to get a cult following. I have owned this truck for a few weeks and whenever I drive it I get approached by guys asking me about it and re-living the nostalgia of when they owned one. As you all may already know, Mel and I own a 1955 Ford Fairlane and a 1962 Ford Econoline van. I don’t get half as much interest in those as I get in this truck, it’s a trip!


1955 Ford Fairlane Sedan


1962 Ford Econoline Panel Van


Here is Hoss at the archery range where I practice.

IMG_6334Because I want this to be an original, non-custom truck I just knew I had to make side boards for it. My step-father Dave is a furniture maker so he was able to help me with this.

This truck will serve us for many years I hope. I am out of space so this will be the last vehicle adoption for awhile.


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  1. Nice truck!

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  2. Hi mate ! Perfect truck ! I have a F100 here on Brazil, can you tell me the code color of this truck ? Thanks


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