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1974 Virgil Thrasher Lithographs


While I was searching the internet for cool pieces to adorn our walls, I came across a piece done by Virgil Thrasher. Virgil produced lithograph pieces that have a floating effect. I was drawn to his work, so we decided to purchase a few pieces. Here is what we picked up:


Piece: 1361 “Five Trees”

I really dig the shape of the art. The port hole with the image is very striking.


Here you can see Thrasher’s signature. You can also get a better idea of how the painted glass floats above the back image.


Piece: 1253 “Three Trees”

Thrasher released lots of different lithographs, but I seem to be drawn to the sunset ones with trees.


Piece: 1255 “Slope”

We have lots of rosewood pieces, so the colors in this art will really compliment those pieces.


Piece: 1359 “Double Image”

This is a cool one. I love the way he made this look like trees reflecting on water.


Piece: 1360 “Ten Trees”

Here is another fantastic round piece like the one above.


On the back of all the pieces we picked up, they had the information about the artist and other pieces he produced.


On the ones we picked up it, looks like they were all produced in 1974. I look forward to getting these all hung and in place.


What is known about the artist…

Regrettably, little information can be found today about Virgil Thrasher as he was producing work prior to the internet and has no internet presence. Other than numerous photographs of his prints, very little can be found about him or his work. At present, this is all that is known:


Virgil Thrasher was born in Sacramento, California in 1943.  A self-taught artist, he exhibited for the first time in 1963 in Monterey, California, and he has shown in numerous California galleries since that time.  A listing on Craigslist once noted: “Mr. Thrasher is a California artist that combines art painted on glass scenic background to give a neat dimensional effect.” This may have been a very early, starving artist “boardwalk” piece. Photos of this type of work can be found online.


Virgil Thrasher Printmaker, Ltd. filed numerous copyrights from 1982 – 1984 when he produced numerous limited run lithographs. No records are shown after that date.



A Thrasher print has more decorative than collector value.  Values would be higher in California and along coastal areas, the subject matter appealing to those decorating homes in these regions.

thrasher silkscreen


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  1. badfinger20 (Max)

    I love the seventies and my wife just got me 3 paintings by him. I love these paintings…now I’ll be searching for them. Thanks for the info!

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