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1950’s Train Travel

Railroad is a big part of my family. My father and grandfather were both railroad engineers. They both worked on the Rock Island railroad for years before the Rock Island went under. Railroad is what brought our family to California. My father was transferred here and worked for the Union Pacific for many years. My dad said growing up in Illinois and being Irish you had three career choices: priest, cop or railroad man.

Railroad is still a large part of this country and what makes it successful. Somehow the golden era of railroad travel has faded. I watch so many classic films where the main mode of travel was by train. It was the way to travel during that era and it was luxurious and mysterious. I know we are in such a hurry to get everywhere that we no longer have the patience for leisure travel. The following video shows what it use to be like.

Vista Dome Adventure

Here are some ads I found on-line

Click Images to Enlarge

Imagine the beauty of Canada flying by

So cool!

Observation deck

Look at the view!!!

A view like that has to be good for digestion!

See, even cowboys rode on these trains!

Very cool


Ok, I go to S.F. all the time and would ride this in a hart beat!


Thinking….why did we bring the kids!!

Connecting families

Leg room for days!Look how swanky all the fixtures are

Everyone dressed nicer then

My pop’s worked on this railroad!

I bet sleeping on this train was a treat

Cool styling

I am people!

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  1. Wow, my heart’s pounding looking at the gorgeous artwork on these posters! Would love to get my mitts on a few of them! And, of course I know it won’t surprise you when I tell you that when I was 4 years old we used to get all dressed up & catch the Zepher to San Francisco from the train station where the Spaghetti Factory now is downtown. It was a very exciting time. You’re just taking me on so many trips down memory lane!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Glad to hear it. I didn’t know that there use to be a station there. Thanks for the info. I envy you getting to experience so much of what made this country great. I am not sure if we will look back at today with the same feeling we have about the 40’s,50’s & 60’s…..I doubt it.



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