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I love this clip

I think it is soo funny how rough she gets with the “Duke”! He starts to react to her hard punches, priceless reaction.

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  1. OMIGOD! This is hilarious! I don’t remember this one. Would love to see the whole episode! You know Hepcat, you’ve got me watching I Love Lucy re-reuns late nite on the Hallmark channel now. Thanks – I think! I also love the outfit she’s wearing in this clip. So darn cute. Just gotta love Lucy. A mistress of her craft.


    • hepcatrestorations

      I’ll keep looking but I haven’t been able to find the whole episode. Glad you like it. I also started recording her show.


  2. Hepcat: your doing a wonderful thing by sharing with us the oldies that may have been long forgotten. I Love Lucy was one of my favorites. Thank you. S. Long


  3. Hepcat: Thank you sharing with us this old clip of Lucy and John Wayne. I had not seen this one and i enjoy watcing the old episodes of I Love Lucy. This gives enjoyment to the past. s.long



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