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Tiki Room Update


We used the Idaho Motel sign to separate the living room from the Tiki room.

Hello all,

After a long hiatus I am back. It is nice to start getting back into the old routine. Our Tiki room has turned out fantastic. It took a long time to refinish all the pieces of rattan but now that they are done they look fantastic. Also, with the help of Bill form “B&T upholstery” and the skillful needle of Debbie from the “The Creative Needle” it looks great! Check it out:


There is a lot going on in here! Just breath slowly and take it all in.

I think the fabric on the cushions and the pillows really make a statement.


Mel and I found these really great curtains on Ebay. They are the rare and sought after birds of paradise barkcloth. The other curtains to the right have a really cool retro style to them.


The colors and imagery on these are fantastic!


Mel and I were able to locate a lot of great artwork to put in this room. As you can see, we found a few more Carlo’s and a really cool airbrush leopard! I still see some wall space… I can squeeze more in.


We went Tiki accessory crazy, ceramic animals, birds, masks and books.


If you LOVE Tiki then make sure you pick up “The Book Of Tiki”. This thing is soo awesome to read through.

I will dive into what items we collected to put in this unit in greater detail later. Mel and I love to chill in here and listen to the Jukebox or watch our retro television.

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  1. Your place is killer! Not sure how you could shoehorn in any more stuff!


  2. Holey cow Hepcat! This is dizzying! In a GREAT way! You’ve really been busy. You mentioned the resto of the rattan. Could you tell us what entails the restoration of rattan? Or have you already & I don’t know where to find it on here? I’ve got a couple of pieces that could use a bit of work – any tips will be helpful. GREAT job as usual on everything!


    • You know me, it just seems wrong to have any space empty. I am an organized hoarder of all that is from that era. If I had a 20,000 sq ft home I would fill it. I’ll tell you one thing with this much stuff it is a nightmare to dust it all. I feel like a curator in a museum sometimes.

      To restore rattan you have to sand the whole piece down, then blow all the dust off it. The next step is to use some stain to even out the tone (Ipswich Pine is a good color). Bamboo doesn’t absorb very much of the stain so you don’t have to pour it on. After you wipe off all the excess stain then just pick up some gloss or semi-gloss spray polyurethane and spray the whole piece making sure to get all the nooks and carnies. Put out in sun to dry and it should look great. Unfortunately it is a lot of work and most of the sanding is done by hand so if you didn’t have arthritis before you will after.


  3. I’m so happy you are back! Every so often I would check and now I’m glad I did. That room looks fantastic!


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