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Update 1: Rocco’s Cancer

After almost a full phase of chemo Rocco is now in remission! He handled all the treatments like a champ. He only got sick once. He has one more treatment and then he is done with this phase. We then have to have him monitored by the vet to keep an eye on his cancer and to detect its return. He is starting to get back to his old self and we will enjoy him as long as possible. I would like to thank all those who kept him in your prayers and thoughts.


Update 2: Old MacDonald’s Farm Sign

We recently attended the Rancho Cordova Parks and Recreation Council meeting where we were able to put forth our proposal for the sign. I had a chance to meet Jo Ann who is with the Rancho Cordova Historical Society. Jo Ann and the organization she represents are passionate about preserving the areas past. Jo Ann and I had the opportunity to speak to the council and explain why it is so important to save this sign. We had the support of the historical society, my family and our friend Vic. The response from the council was mainly positive, but one of the members seemed to not be on board with the idea. We are now waiting to hear from the council to see what their decision is.

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  1. This news about little Rocco simply made my day. I am SO happy for him and all of you. He’s such a little cutie, and so lucky to have you & Melody as his parents. Re: the sign – I cannot even THINK why anyone would hold out on the sign for pete’s sake! Please send me an e-mail address so I can write to them! That would be crazy of them to turn down such an incredible offer. It’s a total win-win for them, not to mention a once in a lifetime opportunity to save a piece of history at the hand of such an incredible artist as you


    • Thanks for all your support Vic. Re: Rocco – He is our little man and soo important to us. Re: Sign – We both appreciate you showing up in support of us and our en devour to acquire this fantastic sign. I know I am really asking for it this time. I’ll see if I can get an address for you.



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