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1962 Product of GM Pink Frigidaire Refrigerator


When Mel and I moved into our fifties ranch style home we knew we wanted to find a vintage refrigerator to put in the vintage kitchen. We couldn’t see a modern one looking right. As usual, I was cruising Craigslist and I came across this fantastic pink refrigerator!


This refrigerator was produced in 1962. What makes this fridge unique is it has flare fins that extend out on the front edges like a pink Cadillac.


I tried to capture the flare on the edges in the above photo.



Here are some interior shots of the fridge.


It is so cool how they added design to the simplest things like the utility/butter tray.

Obviously we need to go grocery shopping, ha ha.


This fridge was beyond dirty when we got it. It took hours of cleaning to get it to look this nice. I dig the aqua accents on the front of each shelf.


Here is the interior refrigerator light with this cool writing “Flowing Cold“.


Of course, it also has a freezer as well.


This is the hands free foot release to open the freezer portion.


Here is the lower freezer.  A lot of folks think putting the freezer on the bottom is a new idea, afraid not!


I love the script they use to label things.


We plan to enjoy this pink dream for as long as it wants to keep working. It sure makes a statement in our kitchen.

fa1Here is an ad from 1962. It appears they made it in aqua as well!

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  1. What a marvelous combination of form and function – bravo for finding and restoring this fridge.
    I’d love to get a tour of the home. You guys seem to have done an amazing job integrating these 50s and 60s artifacts into a coherent whole.

    Keep these great posts coming.


  2. I love your fridge! Did you have to do anything to the electrical system? I would love to have a vintage fridge, but I’m afraid of getting one and blowing a fuse when I plug it in!


  3. Simply stunning! Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have the same refrigerator. I love it! I do not know what the two little metal bars to the left of the ice cube holder are for. I can’t tell in any pictures what other people are using them for. Do you have any idea? What do you use yours for?


  5. Virginia Diane Bivens

    I would love to find a 58 GE or a pink Cadillac. Lol. I’m still searching. This is beautiful



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