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Mid Century BBQ/Grill: Huntington Model 7


Great picture of the grill courtesy of our friend Ed who is a fellow vintage BBQ enthusiast.


The great thing about what we do is that we get the chance to meet a lot of great people. Mel and I met a really nice couple named Steve (decorated Vietnam Navy veteran) and Sharon (fellow antique dealer) when we recently purchased some antique rifles. While we were there, Steve showed me around his property and we came upon this barn find.


Mel loves that this grill has hairpin legs.  It is such a cool little unit!



I am going to have to disassemble the whole unit, strip, and paint all the surfaces.  I haven’t decided what color to paint it yet.  Per my post about the Royal Chef grill that I restored, there aren’t may color choices for high temperature paint.


I assume this is a storage area.


This area of the BBQ is meant to house grill utensils such as the tongs, spatula, fork etc..  It also has a tray for matches and other items.


I need to find a lid for the grill portion on the right.  The two holes in the middle are meant to hold bowls for sauces.  I am planning on crafting a removable semi-circle cutting board on the left side.


Our friend Ed has the same grill, but he also has this owners manual.


This one is very similar to ours except it is set up for a rotisserie and has a condiment tray on the back of the unit.

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  3. I would so like to get a photo copy of the cookbook.. This was my Uncle and I had a signed copy of this book, however last year somehow it got mixed into some stuff we were donating to charity and I don’t have it now. Natalie


  4. I would love to see the updates on the Huntington grill project. I am really looking for pictures of what it looks like taken apart and stripped down. The chances of finding one are next to nothing but having pictures to fabricate one might be helpful. I wonder how much something like this would cost to fabricate?


  5. Hey Shane, do you still have the old Huntington?


    • We do, but it needs a lot of work. It’s basically just a shell. Sorry we haven’t gotten your BBQ to Shaun. We’re just now unloading our 4th storage POD in our new home. Once we are done we will get it over to him.


  6. Hello- I was researching a Model 14 I rescued from my Dads junk pile and came across this site. Are you interested in another one? I really want to restore it, but we are moving to another state and I’m reluctant to drag it with me.



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