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Griffiths Spice rack and jars resto

Here is what it looked like to start with.

Mel and I picked these up at an antique store in Chico. I have never seen a set this large. Usually you find them with only 8-10 spice jars. The jars are made of jadeite and are in great shape except for the lids. The paint was missing or peeling off. This set came with the holder that was well-worn. I decided to re-finish the set. I started off by sanding the wooden holder to even out the finish. I then stained it with a light stain and let it dry overnight. I then sprayed on s semi-glosss polyurethane and let it dry. Then I used car wax and “0000” steel wool to remove any grit from the surface. It turned out great!

This wooden rack just needed to be restored!

The wood really has a warm finish to it now.

Then I turned my attention to the lids on the spice jars. The lids had small dents from years of use and I decided to leave them to add some personality. I light sanded the lids to start things off. Then I applied spray on enamel paint from rust-olum. The color that best matched the old color on the lids was “Lobster Red“. I am satisfied with the finished product.

As you can see these lids have seen better days.

As you can see the lids just pop now and look soo much better.

This is the final product. I am very happy with it and it will serve me well in the kitchen.

This spicy little number is done!

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  1. So gorgeous! You did a great job!


  2. Bravo! Nuther GREAT job! Looks fannntastic!


  3. Woweeeee!!! I’m liking the new look! Alot! Much easier to read & looks real nice. Liked the old retro letter style, but this is real nice.



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